Spanje - Canary Islands

Spanje - Canary Islands
2022 Puro Rofe Rofe Blanco
33.95 28.06
2022 Envinate Taganan Tinto
41.27 34.11
2021 Envinate Benje Tinto
24.50 20.25
2021 Bimbache Blanco
38.95 32.19
2021 Puro Rofe Mentidero
43.95 36.32
2022 Puro Rofe Juan Bello
46.50 38.43
2020 Puro Rofe Masdache
39.95 33.02
2020 Puro Rofe Chibusque
41.95 34.67
2020 Bimbache Tinto
32.95 27.23

Spanish wines are doing very well worldwide. There is hardly anyone who turns a face at the idea of ​​a Spanish wine. Without a doubt, this has to do with tradition. Spain produces an incredible amount of wine, from north to south and from east to west. Vineyards can be found almost all over the country. Spain owes this to its fantastic climate. It is wonderfully warm, the sun likes to shine, the nights are not too cold and the soil is usually fertile.

The best wines are made from grapes grown on high-altitude vineyards (higher than 500 meters above sea level) and come from the area we find north of Madrid, mainly Galicia and Catalonia. It is striking that Spain produces much less wine than other countries. It still concerns millions of liters, but Spanish wines are strongly in the minority compared to, for example, French wines. The Spanish make up for the lack of volume with the exceptional quality of their Spanish wine. The better Spanish wines include the Toro, the Valdeorras, the Rioja and the Navarra. When it comes to grapes, there is one that produces such good Spanish wine that it stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of reputation: the tempranillo. This blue grape is the pre-eminent symbol of Spanish wines and time and time again produces a fresh wine with a clear structure. The grape goes by many names, including tinto fino, cencibel, tinto del país, tinto de Toro and Tinto de Madrid. If you see a Spanish wine with this grape, don't let it pass you by untouched. At Gran Cruwines we have an unprecedented range of Spanish wines from every price range - from the cult wines such as Vega Sicilia, Pingus, Clos Mogador Remirez de ganuza to the attractive Arzuaga, Pujanza, Abadia Retuerte and wines from Heras Cordon. More than 250 wineries from Spain can be found at Grandcruwijnen and we have all wines in stock and deliver them within 24 hours. has been your online specialist for serious quality wine since 2010. In our range you will find more than 2500 different wines and we supply to consumers, catering and retail. We import directly from wineries in countries such as France, Spain and Italy. This allows us to offer our products at the best price. In addition to the classics from the Old World, we have the top wines from the New World!

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