About Grandcruwijnen

Grandcruwijnen specializes in quality wines. We sell them by the bottle, from an assortment of 2500+ different wines. We mainly focus on French, Italian, and Spanish wines and the top wines from the New World, at extremely competitive prices. Grandcruwijnen also has a unique range of olive oil, sherries, and port wines. You can easily compare our wines because these are all A-brand wines. Therefore, we do not sell "private label" wines whose prices cannot be compared and are supposedly sold at high discounts. Our range contains only internationally known quality wines in literally every price range. A good wine does not have to be expensive!

How we started

Grandcruwijnen was founded in 2010 by wine lover and connoisseur Rolf Ketelaar. His mission was, and still is, to offer great wines to a better price. Wine prices in the Netherlands are a lot higher than abroad, and the options per store is often limited. The reason for this is because the Dutch purchasing organizations are the ones who select the ranges for the stores. In 2010, we broke this pattern by developing a logistics model to import wines to the Netherlands via considerably fewer connections. The result was significantly lower prices and a more extensive range of wines. Instead of selling per box, Grandcruwijnen started the trend of selling the wines per bottle. Under the leadership of Corina Ketelaar, Grandcruwijnen grew into a full-time company. Our warehouse and customer service are available 5-days-a-week, and thousands of customers order their wines from us every day. Per today, we have one of the largest wine collections in the Netherlands and Belgium.

How we work

Grandcruwijnen trades directly with large wineries in France, Spain, and Italy, as well as with the Dutch importer. A large part of our range is direct, and own importer, without the interference from third parties. Due to direct imports, we are in general, always the cheapest for our products! At Grandcruwijnen, you can choose from over 2500+ varieties of wines and others, and unlike many online wine merchants, you can buy your wine by bottle.

What we offer you

We have wines for everyone's budget, at Grandcruwijnen. No matter how much or little you pay, you are always assured of good quality. We have an in-house wine expert, and we are also regularly assisted by international advisors from the wineries we work with. In addition to quality, Grandcruwijnen guarantees fast and flexible delivery, where you can choose how you want your wines delivered. Orders can be done by phone or online. Did you order before 4 pm? If you do, we do our best to ensure that you have your wines at home within the next working day.

Where you can find us

You can find us on the world wide web, under the address: www.grandcruwijnen.nl. For our office, and our Wine Warehouse Store, we are located at Rijksstraatweg 24 - 3316 EH in Dordrecht.

Visit us

Our warehouse and showroom are open every working day from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm. For the most current opening hours, please visit our visit us page. Would you like to see our wide variety with your own eyes? All of our 2500+ wines that we offer through our webshop are also all displayed in our conditioned showroom. Feel free to come by for inspiration. Click here for a short video impression of our store.

CO2 Neutral

We have conditioned our Wine Warehouse responsibly. On our roof, 50 solar panels are located, which assures that we run entirely CO2 neutral. During the hot summer days, our solar panels provide enough energy to power all the heat pumps, meaning that your wines are always at a precise and steady temperature, without harming the environment. We are one of the very few companies that can guarantee you that your wines are conditioned at all times and are CO2 neutral, which is worth considering when you determine your wine supplier.

Our Team

Do you want to know more about our team- Check out our Team-page

Want to know more about Grandcruwijnen?

Would you like to know more about our company? Call customer service on 0031 78-6450615 or by email (support@grandcruwijnen.nl). We would be happy to tell you all about us!

General information about Grandcruwijnen BV

Grandcruwijnen B.V.
Street: Rijksstraatweg 24
Zip: 3316 EH
Town: Dordrecht
The Netherlands 

Phone: 0031 78 6450615

Standard Opening Hours Warehouse & Showroom:
Monday to Friday- 10:00-17:00. Check out actual opening hours here

Bank name: Rabobank
Account number: 1165.32.599
IBAN: NL30 RABO 0116532599

Email address general: info@grandcruwijnen.nl
Email address Customer Service: support@grandcruwijnen.nl
Email address Finance & Invoicing: invoice@grandcruwijnen.nl

Chamber of Commerce number:83344586
VAT number the Netherlands: NL862837273B01

VAT number Belgium: BE0728999639

Excise number Netherlands wine (Registered Addressee): NL00740030164  (Import)
Excise number Netherlands beer (Registered Addressee): NL00740328853 (Import)
Excise number Netherlands (Certified Consignee): NL00740328853 (Import)
Excise number Belgium:  BEMQS216006 (for Export)
Excise number France: FR020003V9189 (for Export)
Excise number Danmark: DK13351325200 (for Export)

Grandcruwijnen.nl is a member of Thuiswinkel
Grandcruwijnen is a member of the Dutch Society of Wine Traders (KVNW)

Registration number SKAL Bio control: 115199