Germany is one of the larger wine producing countries in Europe. This despite the northern location that the country has. The country exports about 20% of all wines produced abroad. Most wine-growing areas offering quality wines are located in the west and southwest of the country. The table and country wines are produced more in the north. Germany has a total of about 102,000 hectares of wine and produces about 9.3 million hectoliters per year. Of this, about 65% is white and 35% red wine.

The vineyards in Germany are known for being on a slope. This makes them less susceptible to night frost and the sun can shine better during the day. Slate or Schiefer is the most common surface and this is also the best surface for a Riesling wine. Wineries such as Weingut van Volxem, Schiefman and Von Winning are among the top from the Riesling and we also carry their full range

The wine region of Baden is one of the best vineyards in Germany and even in Europe. This is due to the good soil and the mild climate. The highest quality wines come from here. Some examples of wines produced in this area are the Pinot Noir, the well-known Riesling and in addition, a specialty from this area, the Chasselas. Baden is not only one of the best vineyards, but also the third largest wine producing area in Germany. In the first place you will find the wine region Rheinhessen. This wine region has an area of no less than 26,300 hectares and two thirds of this area is used for producing white wines. The Riesling produced here is a success and known all over the world. The red wine is also very well represented here, the Pinot Noir, or the Spátburgunder, is one of the excellent red wines from this area. Besides these great wine regions, everyone also knows the Moselle. 90% white wines are produced here, of which Elbling is one of the specialties. The 10% red wines that are made here are the Regend, the Dornfelder and again the Pinot Noir. All in all, a lot of excellent quality wines are produced in Germany and it is therefore highly recommended to try them.

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