Reviews en beoordelingen

All reviews and ratings about Grandcruwijnen and our services are collected via Kiyoh. Kiyoh values the reliability of reviews. Genuine reviews and stories, written by customers who have actually made a purchase in our online shop. The Kiyoh review system actively invites customers to leave a review. To check and ensure the reliability of reviews, Kiyoh has built barriers into the system that are designed to ensure that the reviews come from real customers. Click here for Kiyoh's review policy. Click here for all reviews of Grandcruwijnen.

Reviews and Ratings of Products

On our website, you can leave a review for our products. To do so, click on the specific wine about which you want to leave a review. On the detail page of the wine, you will see a tabbed overview. If you click on Reviews there, you can leave a review about the wine - the posting period is about 1 work week. We generally display all reviews of the wines, but there are some rules:

  • No inappropriate language (including offensive language, insulting words)
  • Factually incorrect feedback/abuse
  • The customer must have purchased the wine from us - for this reason, we also ask for the email address with a review to prevent fake reviews
  • We do not process paid reviews