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Now exclusively available at Grandcruwijnen— The Risotto and Pasta of the Michelin star restaurants and therefore the star restaurants in Italy. Looking for inspiration for which wine to go with which dish? Check out our smart sommelier!

The risotto comes from the Riserva San Massimo is a nature reserve that extends over an area of ​​​​more than 800 hectares and is a unique and rare area in the Lombard Ticino Valley. Fields, moors, an unpolluted authentic (primordial) forest full of fens fed by Appenijns glacier water and paths with native fruit trees provide the impressive variety that this unique landscape has to offer. It is the cradle of a biodiversity in which the wild fauna has also found its ideal habitat. Thanks to the diversity of the ecosystem it hosts, the nature reserve became a Site of Community Importance (SIC) in 2004 and was subsequently declared a Special Area of ​​Conservation (ZPS). The Riserva San Massimo represents an extremely important ecological area within the Ticino Park: it is part of the natural area in which the continuity between different habitats favors the genetic exchange between the plant species and the migration of the fauna and thus the preservation of biodiversity . From this concept, the Risotto rice of Riserva San Massimo is produced. A Carnaroli Autentico of the highest quality, grown exclusively in the nature reserve from the best, 100% Carnaroli certified seeds. The rice has the blue label of Parco Ticino – Produzione Controllata, which identifies producers who use environmentally friendly farming techniques.

The Pastas that carry are Monograno Felicetti and you will not easily find better pastas and chances are that if you have eaten a pasta dish in the better (Otalian) restaurants, it is from Monograno. The Monograno Felicetti are the highest quality pasta made with the world's most exceptional grains: Matt, Khorosan Kamut, Farro and Cappelli. The Master Pasta-Makers skillfully transform these prized grains into art, full of emotion with a harmony of scents and flavors. Located at 1000 meters where only the purest mountain water and the purest air of the Dolomites make a huge difference. Pure nature and Pure. These are the pastas that the top Italian restaurants use and are incomparable to the industrial mass-produced supermarket varieties. The top line of Monograno Felicetti is the Grandcru under Pasta and that is why we also carry these great pasta varieties.

Water is the secret

We want to keep it pure and uncontaminated, just as it gushes to the surface; that's why the water we use flows directly from our exclusive source to the pasta factory. Spoiled by the rocks that hug it along its course, the water is still crystal clear and fresh when it meets the wheat. They are patiently mixed into a dough that retains the full character and soul of the ingredients. From water to water: In the kitchen, pasta will eventually encounter heat and complete its final metamorphosis. Al dente and combined with a thousand and one different sauces: perfect for all puffs or puffs.

The purest air

The bronze dies look like mechanical jewelry; they shape and cut the pasta into different shapes. Now the dough can summon the air that will turn it into precious nuggets. The drying phase includes the most elusive yet vital resource: the pristine, unpolluted air of the Dolomites, an invaluable ally that flows through rocks, forests and glaciers, capturing the essence of the mountain before it reaches us. The smell of the pasta being cooked in a steaming pan of boiling water sums it all up better than a thousand words.

As an importer of many distinguished wineries, we also have the luxury of having other products produced at the vineyards piggybacked with our wine transport. These products include honey, olive oil, cheese, coffee and other delicacies. These great products are available to the Netherlands through us. So if you are looking for a unique top quality of non-mass produced delicacies, then these products are definitely for you!

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