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The Mata family of Recaredo Cava has been making high-quality cavas since 1924. Their estate is situated in the Grand Cru area for Spanish cavas: Sant Sadurni d'Anoia, Vilobi de Penedes, Subirat and Torralavit in the Alt Penedes. The third, fourth and fifth generations are currently active in the company and still produce very high quality cava. Recaredo is a winery run by a family of winegrowers who specialize in high quality brut nature sparkling wines with the distinctive character resulting from long maturation and together with Mestres they are the absolute masters of Long-aged Cavas and are Parker compared to the Tondonias among the Cavas. At Recaredo they produce unprecedented high quality wines that are aged for a very long time and are made organic / biodynamic (certified).

Since 2006, all 50 hectares of their vineyards are cultivated according to DEMETER regulations. The grapes are picked by hand and fermented separately for each plot in their own cellar. They only use 40% of the must, only the first juice released after bruising is good enough for their cava. The fermentation of the must takes place partly in oak and partly in a steel tank. After fermentation and assembling of the still wine, the bottles are filled and capped with a natural cork to disappear for a period of between 30 and 120 months in the beautiful cellars of Recaredo. Every 14 months the bottles are shaken and moved to 'move' the yeast present in the bottle. According to Ton Mata, this ensures a better development of the taste. When the bottles are ready for disgorgement, they are moved to Pupitres where they are turned by hand so that the yeast plug slowly descends to the neck.

Recaredo is very committed to the Penedès region and produces in an honest way, without any artifice - great wines from its own vineyards and even since 2014 has started working exclusively with historical varieties from the Penedès region: Xarel lo, Parellada and Macabeu for sparkling whites and Garnacha and Monastrell for rosés. The Xarel·lo variety, typical of the ancient Penedès wine region, accounts for 60% of the vineyard area. The variety's long aging ability, Xarel-lo backbone and acidity make it a perfect choice for the base of our top quality sparkling wines, which with very long aging yields exceptionally fine wines.

Recaredo wines are characterized by their essentially gourmet style, a character marked by elegance and subtlety that has impressed the most discerning food and wine critics, including contributors to The New York Times, the prestigious La Revue de Vin de France, Le Monde and the influential American publication Robert Parker's Wine Advocate.

The cornerstone of Recaredo's philosophy as grape growers and winemakers is a respectful alliance between people and land. They (and we) believe that a fine wine is one that reflects the land of its birth. That is why they only make vintage sparkling wines, which means that they are wines from a specific year and not a blend of years. They also practice biodynamic agriculture, an approach that goes one step further than organic. In 2010, Recaredo was the first winemaker in the Penedès region to obtain a certification for biodynamic viticulture; and in 2013, the first winemaker in the area to be accepted as a member of La Renaissance des Appellations, a prestigious international association of biodynamic winegrowers. In the vineyard, they only intervene when absolutely necessary, always striving to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, respecting the land in order to achieve the truest expression of each vintage. At Recaredo, we always prioritize natural balances and respect for biodiversity and the environment. We work our vineyards without herbicides, insecticides or synthetic chemicals and only use organic fertilizers of natural origin, which are composted ourselves.

Long Aged Cava

Like sentries patiently waiting in silence, Recaredo's bottles remain in the darkness of the cellars for at least 30 months (two and a half years) until they take on a truly unique character. In the case of Recaredo's most exclusive family collections, some of the sparkling wines are aged for almost 30 years, preserving the delicacy of the time and a wealth of elegant and complex nuances.

Recaredo & Cava Mestres are the only winery in the world that ages all its wines exclusively with natural cork stoppers. Cork is ideal for preserving the original character of a long-aged cava. It is natural, ecological and sustainable, and it is part of our Mediterranean identity and a

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