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What makes Bordeaux unique is its way of selling. The wines are not traded directly by the chateaux themselves but through negiocants (middlemen). Naturally, the producers want to offer optimum quality every year, something that entails a lot of costs. To offer a certain financial security, a pre-sale of the wines has been created.

Sometimes 2 years before the wine comes on the market, it is already sold during the En Primeur period. During this period, some of the bottles, not physically, but on paper, are put on the market to be traded. The juice that is still ripening in the barrels at that time is then tasted by interested people from all over the world. The quality of the vintage, which is then determined by all critics, together with the status of the chateau and the price that other chateau's charge, then forms the guideline for the price the bottles will cost. The interesting thing, however, is that the price is then about 15 to 30 percent lower than the market value at the time the wine enters the market. Buying early can therefore be a very nice investment method. Especially given the current interest rates that you get from banks.

The great thing about Bordeaux wines is that they often have a very long storage potential. Good wines can be aged 30 to 50 years with exceptions that still go far beyond that. The longer the bottles are kept after arrival in the Netherlands, the scarcer the wine becomes, so that the value often automatically grows.

In the meantime, in addition to the large Boredeaux houses, the large Italian houses (Antinori with Masseto, Solaia as well as Napa Valley with Opus one and Insignia and South America with Catena Zapata and Sena sell their wines also through the Negiocants. The big advantage of this is that this happens a few months before it becomes available with the important goal of better managing the scarcity (supply to demand is completely out of balance). So a Masseto can become available in September with delivery at the end of October. it is very interesting from a price point of view to purchase these toppers

With us you have the opportunity to pre-order unique and often very scarcity wines. In many cases much cheaper than once the wine is available in our warehouse. In some cases it concerns wines from which we will receive the new vintages very soon, but then you will get this opportunity to buy from us a little more cheaply and in other cases it concerns the famous wineries that also offer their wines to us en-scoop and then only become available a few months up to 2 years (eg the high end Bordeaux, Borgogno, Napa Valley and Italian Supertuscans).

The process is as with a normal order. You simply order the wine via the Pre-order button and you will receive a confirmation with an indication when the wines will become available. As soon as the wines become available you will receive a message and we will send the wines or pick them up from us - depending on what you have chosen in your order.

It is important to mention that we do not make partial deliveries, so in principle we only ship when everything is in stock for the order. So if you place an order with regular 'in stock' wines and primeur wines, it is advisable to do this by means of 2 orders.