Wine Chill Wijnkoeler

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Type Accessories Coolers
Nett Weight 100 gram
Bluetooth Yes
Input 110-240V
Connection function No
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The new design wine cooler, recommended by sommeliers and wine writers! WINECHILL cools your wine from the inside, keeping the temperature perfect for over an hour. WINECHILL is suitable for red, white and rosé wines. The serving temperature of wine is very important. When the wine is too warm, the taste of alcohol dominates. If the wine is too cold, taste and aromas are lost. With the new wine gadget WINECHILL you keep the bottle of wine perfectly chilled because this design product cools wine from the inside. The Winechill is delivered for free.

The advantages of WINECHILL:
- WINECHILL keeps chilled rosé and white wines chilled for up to an hour
- Brings red wines to the perfect drinking temperature within 15 minutes
- Leave the bottle on the table without affecting the taste
- The bottle remains dry and the label visible
- The elegant drip-free spout cools and refines the wine as you pour
- Clean and convenient alternative to the wine cooler with ice
- Takes up little storage space
- Easy to keep clean

How WINECHILL works? Very simple:
You put the stainless steel stick (filled with a special thermal gel) in the freezer for two hours before you can use it, then pour a small layer out of the opened bottle to taste the wine. This creates space to place the WINECHILL stick with (drip-free!) Spout in the bottle. The stick then keeps the wine well chilled for up to an hour. In addition, the special spout also adds extra oxygen to the wine, which benefits the taste and aromas. WINECHILL can be used for white, rosé and red wines. Because also red wines taste much better when they are slightly chilled. Place the WINECHILL in the red bottle of wine and let it rest for 15 minutes to reach the perfect drinking temperature. After 15 minutes, unscrew the stainless steel refrigerator compartment and you can simply place the drip-free pouring spout back on the bottle, so that you can still benefit from the anti-drip pouring spout and the extra oxygen with the wine.

A stainless steel stick filled with a special thermal gel, a drip-free pouring spout made of acrylic, a silicone ring for protecting the glass and a design wine stopper to close the bottle well after use.

Nice and original (relationship) gift to give and to receive. Would you like to give WINECHILL as a (business) gift? It is also possible to order the WINECHILL with a logo or other image on the wine stopper. Contact us for this at [email protected] or on telephone: 078 6450615 and then we can make you a suitable offer.

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Type Accessories Coolers
Nett Weight 100 gram
Bluetooth Yes
Input 110-240V
Connection function No
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