What are Cookies?

We value the privacy of our customers and this page is intended to provide you with information about Cookies in general and how we use them.

Cookies are small pieces of data that are used when you visit our website. We can categorize these as functionally required and added value.

Functionally required cookies, without which the website will not function properly, ensure, for example:

  1. The ability to stay logged in
  2. Maintain and take care of your shopping cart
  3. Fraud detection; for example, when someone tries to place an order under your account that you are not aware of

Cookies with added value are not required for the functionality of the website, but do have advantages:

  1. Personalized content based on your behavior on our website.
  2. Analyze the general (buying) behavior of our customers to see how we perform and can improve.
  3. This runs through Google Analytics and in case of further interest about this you can read more information from Google itself on this page.

Set your browser to accept cookies so that you can purchase items, save items and receive customized recommendations. Here's how: