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2022 San Marzano TR3 Pumi Rosso
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A blue grape that produces very intense and powerful wines in Apulia (Puglia) in Italy. They are currently wines that are seen as the Amarones of the South. Little is known about the origin of the Negroamaro grape. Nothing can be found in the writings of the last century. It is believed that this grape comes from Greece. Much suggests that the grape is related to the Greek grape called Xinomavro.

Everything about the Negroamaro grape

A blue grape that produces very intense and powerful wines in Apulia (Puglia) in Italy. These are currently wines that are seen as the Amarones of the South. The condition is, however, that the grapes must be fully ripe before making wine from them, otherwise unpleasant aromas of cabbage and tea will arise with a bitter taste. The grape is not called 'the dark bitter' for nothing.

This grape controls 25% of the total vineyard in Puglia.

The Negroamaro grape is a favorite of several producers. Partly due to its stability, its resistance to diseases, and its resistance to drought.

If the producer wants a thick, full-bodied wine with high alcohol content, it is wise not to harvest the grape until the end of October. For a more complex and balanced wine, the grape should be harvested in mid-September.

Negroamaro wines

Negroamaro is used to make the famous Negroamaro del Salento wines. Three good examples are:

Aromas in Negroamaro grapes

  • Vanilla
  • Ripe cherries
  • Roasted
  • Currants
  • Tobacco

The wines made on the basis of the Negroamaro have a very deep, dark color (negro) and a fine bitter taste (amaro) on the aftertaste. Combine both and the name can be explained!

Wine and food: Negroamaro wine

As is the case with most Italian wines, they are an excellent choice when paired with Italian food, such as pasta dishes or homemade pizza. It is also a delicious wine to drink during get-togethers with spicy salami or ham and other similar snacks. Other great combinations are lamb or tuna meals.

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How long should you keep a negroamaro wine?

Negroamaro wine has great aging potential with some bottles being kept for up to 10 years! Depending on whether the wine has been aged in wood or not, it can be stored for about 4 years after harvest; this is the case, for example, for lighter wines.

I would like to buy a negroamaro wine.

A negroamaro is a grape that every wine drinker must taste! Grandcruwijnen has negroamaro wines for every budget. Would you like to find out more about the grape or a specific recommendation? Please feel free to contact us!