Delivery to NON-EU Countries and the UK

  • We use DHL Express for the delivery to non-EU countries. The price of your products is shown excluding VAT, duty, and customs taxes, so you will be able to see the price of every product excluding the taxes if you are in a non-EU country. Please note that you will only see the prices (excluding taxes) if you are logged in with an account where the invoice/delivery is a non-EU country supported by us in terms of shipping.

  • During the checkout of your products, the system calculates the prices of your shipment in real-time which includes customs taxes. These prices are calculated based on the weight of the package and the country you are in. VAT and duty taxes need to be paid to the courier upon final delivery:

  • Once you have placed your order, you will receive a Track & Trace code from us. As soon as your package arrives at its destinated country, DHL Express will send you a final invoice to you that shows the taxes VAT and duty via text message or email. The export papers will be provided by us and their cost is included in the shipping fee.


Changes for the import of goods into the United Kingdom

As of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union. With this being said, it means that when goods are imported into the UK, a customs declaration form must be submitted for your shipment to be approved. Any import duties and VAT on imports are also calculated in this declaration. Grandcruwijnen will do this when you have placed the order and the cost for this are being part of the shipment cost. Grandcruwijnen wants to provide you with the best options possible and has leveraged this VAT change, by excluding the Dutch VAT from all products shipped to countries outside of the EU. The VAT deduction will be displayed at the checkout page.


Calculations of costs

The duty calculation includes a percentage of the sum of your purchased goods and a percentage of the transport cost up to the EU border. The transportation costs are associated with the country/region from which the shipment was sent (in this case, the Netherlands). The import percentage of import duties is associated with the product and is determined by Customs.

VAT calculcation is based on a percentage of the sum of the value of the goods and 100% of the transport costs and duties.

Advance payment is composed of transporting the package to you. DHL has a contract with us that includes a door-to-door Express delivery. This means that the shipment should not have any unnecessary delays. In order to make this happen, DHL has advanced the customs duties, VAT and other levies to be paid by you to Customs in order for the shipment to be cleared immediately at the border and delivered to you.


In summary, the big difference compared to EU countries is that the total price of a shipment is divided into two parts:

  1. The products, custom administration cost, and shipment cost are paid during the checkout at Grandcruwijnen. All these prices exclude VAT and duty, so are not paid yet.
  2. Based on the prepared export papers, you will receive a payment request from DHL once the package has arrived in the respective country, for the Duty and VAT based on local rates.


Please note:

  • If you don't pay for the local taxes, your product returns to us we will pay back the order amount deducted with the shipping costs we have made plus the administration cost for making up the export papers and custom taxes (15 euros per order).
  • There is a table at the bottom of this page showing the countries we ship to. It also explains how much you will have to pay based on weight of the package, and how many bottles you can buy in total.


Specifics for NON-EU Countries

While most of our products can be ordered unconditionally, there are some limitations due to local regulations. We will do a check at the generation of the export paper if all ordered products are permitted. If not, we will remove the item(s) from the order and we will pay this back within 1–2 work days. In this case, we will notify you via email or with a phone call.

Switzerland: only still wines with up to 16% alcohol. Maximum of 20 kg netto per order (for example, 24 bottles of 750 ml)

Norway: only still and sparkling wines with up to 16% alcohol

United Kingdom: only main-land e.g. so not Channel-island, Isle of Men, etc.


Grandcruwijnen also delivers to countries outside of the European Union. We use DHL for the shipments. The rates include:

  • Generation of the export papers of your shipment 
  • Custom taxes and DHL cost for determining the VAT and duty
  • Shipping fee determined by weight of the package


Shipping costs for delivery to a non-EU country


Country/weight of parcel 0 kg–1.5 kg 1.5 kg–4.5 kg 4.5 kg–9 kg 9 kg–13.5 kg 13.5 kg–18 kg 18 kg–27 kg 27 kg–36 kg 36 kg–54 kg 54 kg–69 kg max. amount of bottles orderable
Great Britain €34.95 €34.95 €41.95 €52.95 €62.95 €88.95 €120.95 €191.95 €250.95 ca. 46
Switzerland €37.95 €37.95 €48.95 €66.95 €81.95 €140.95 €195.95 €294.95 €376.95 ca. 46
Norway €37.95 €37.95 €48.95 €66.95 €81.95 €140.95 €195.95 €294.95 €376.95 ca. 46


After you have paid the price of your order excluding VAT, the payment of duty and VAT is done seperately. You will receive a text message or email from DHL requesting this tax payment.