How do you pack all these beautiful wines?

At Grandcruwijnen, we have special boxes made for our fine wines and distilled products. The cardboard boxes that you can see in the picture below are made of thicker material, and although they are more expensive than regular boxes, it is worth it! Our breakage/damage percentage is significantly lower than others, and we also use special layers inside to keep your wines safe wherever their destination may be. By using this, we prevent the wine from moving and bouncing around in the back of a truck. In addition, we would like to mention that we reuse all of our existing cardboard (wine boxes, leftover material from us, or companies in our area, etc.) and turn it into packaging mats by using a special shredder. It helps protect the wine and spirits, as well as being great for the environment. Perhaps also a consideration in the choice of your supplier. 


verpakkingsmateriaal grandcruwijnen