Can I place an order as a gift?


You can have the order delivered as a gift to the address of your choice. Do you want a gift box? Please contact us or select the "Gift Wrapping" option in the shopping basket. Here you can also select a premium gift card and you can leave a text which we will add to the gift card. We always send the invoice digitally and we do NOT add it to the shipment. On the packing list, we are not mentioning prices.

It is important to mention that as of July 1, 2021, there is legislation that requires that when ordering alcohol delivery, it will only be delivered to someone aged 18 or older and they must be able to identify themselves. This also means that it is no longer possible to leave wines at a front door, and it is also important to mention if you choose a different delivery address (for example, for giving a gift) the recipient must be able to identify himself and be older than 18, so keep this in mind and perhaps inform the recipient about this in advance (you could forward the Track&Trace that you receive to the ultimate recipient and mention that a package is coming for which 18plus check is necessary). No unwillingness, but we can't do anything about this because we are also involved in this. Privacy rules do not have the email address of the person to whom you are sending the package.