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Chardonnay wines : who doesn't know them? Chardonnay is one of the most famous grapes in the world and can rightly be called an international grape variety. Chardonnay most likely comes from - yes - the village of Chardonnay, in France, where the grape originated from four subspecies: a medieval cross grape, the Franche-Comté, the gouais blanc and pinot noir. Chardonnay wines and grapes are always white. The best chardonnay wines come from Burgundy and Champagne, but since the chardonnay grape adapts excellently to new environments, a good chardonnay wine can also find its origin elsewhere. You can also drink chardonnay wine from Spain, Bulgaria, China, Australia and Romania, to name just a few examples.

How does a chardonnay wine taste? That depends on the final combination of grapes, but there is certainly agreement about the taste of a chardonnay from a certain region. The Chardonnays from Bourgogne contain aromas of brioche, fresh butter, hazelnuts and grilled bread. Chardonnays from warmer regions have more aromas of citrus, pineapple and tropical fruit. A chardonnay wine, if produced according to the right method, can certainly be stored, but a chardonnay wine that has been produced on a larger scale is best if you do not leave it for too long. Chardonnay wines do particularly well on a summer terrace with a fish, if possible from the grill. Lean fish is a good option, but oily fish, such as salmon, also work great due to its inherent firmness.