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This fresh, rinse grape takes the 2nd place in Burgundy. The aligoté needs poor soil and plenty of sunlight. In the absence of sun, the acid content increases considerably. Due to its relatively high acid content, the aligoté is often used as a base for sparkling wines. 

What does an Aligoté taste like?

The Aligoté grape is early ripening with high acidity and little tannins. It produces dry, light, golden yellow wines with green hues that can be enjoyed young. The delicate wine is an ideal blending partner for Chardonnay, Gamay, Pinot Noir, among others. Aligoté wines bring the acidity up to the level and add structure. Enjoy soft, mineral flavors, smell white flowers, peach, lemon and green apple. Fresh, salty notes and a fruity acidity that provides a good length