Pinot Gris

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Pinot Gris is a white grape variety from France, which has a large number of different appearances. The Pinot Grigio grape or Pinot Gris is a white grape variety that is a special mutation of the well-known grape variety Pinot Noir. The color of the skin is gray instead of red. It gives a lot of colour to the wine, more than any other white grape variety, but also has an express and refined perfume. 
Under the name pinot grigio, this grape is mainly found in the Italian region of Veneto. When the French name (pinot gris) is used, it usually refers to the grape from the French region of Alsace.

What does the Pinot Gris taste like?

Despite the fact that the grape variety is the same, there can be a distinct difference in taste. Differences in soil type, climate and weather conditions are the cause of the taste differences. Due to the sunny, warm and dry climate, Pinot Gris from Alsace usually produces golden-yellow, deliciously aromatic (tropical fruit, slightly smoky) full-bodied wines. The pinot grigio grapes from the Veneto are planted on higher elevations which makes for a much fresher wine with white fruit (apple, pear) and floral aromas, citrus fruit flavors, slightly spicy, mineral and possibly a hint of sweetness.