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The Merlot grape is originally a real (right bank) Bordeaux grape and the most planted grape in France. In many cases, this grape is mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon. The Merlot is known for its smooth and easy wines that are also full-bodied and powerful.

Today's red wine drinker likes to drink his bottle of red wine young and be able to enjoy a full taste. The Merlot is ideal for this.

What does a Merlot taste like?

The Merlot is a soft, supple red wine with fairly neutral tannins and acidity. The taste of this red wine is mainly recognizable by cherries, berries and plums. This wine contains less tannin than the Cabernet Sauvignon, making it easier and younger to drink. Due to its low acidity, the Merlot can also be used as a table wine.