Domaine Dusseau
2021 Domaine Dusseau Reserve Barrel Aged Malbec
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The Malbec grape

The malbec grape can be recognized by its small shape and dark color, which partly depends on the climate in which the grape grows. For example, the malbec from France has a more powerful taste, while those from South America are riper and smoother. The malbec grape is often used as a blend in, for example, cabernet sauvignon, merlot or cabernet franc.

The Malbec has a deep purple color and is very similar to the color of the syrah or mourvedre grape. Nice to know is that the grape is easy to recognize during a tasting, because malbec can be recognized by its beautiful deep pink edge. Nice to pay attention to when holding a tasting!

What does Malbec wine taste like?

The taste of the malbec grape varies depending on the climate. The grapes from France are often a bit spicier in taste and have notes of chocolate and tobacco. The warmer the climate, the juicier and fuller the structure of the wine. In general, dark fruits are very recognizable in the smell and taste of malbec wines. Flavour elements that recur in all wines are: blackcurrants, cherries, plums and sometimes even chocolate.