Domaine Dusseau

Located in the south of France, Domaine Dusseau covers more than 2,700 hectares, spread over different areas, each with its own climate. The majority of the grapes are intended for bulk wines, the harvest of 700 hectares is intended for own bottling where quality is the starting point. On an annual basis, about 5 million bottles are produced that are distributed through the traditional wine trade.

Due to the large area of its own surface, Domaine Dusseau has the opportunity to select the best grapes from the best wines for the wines under its own label. In addition, even in years of minor doubts, demand can still be met.

The following from Domaine Dusseau around Limoux lie in three climatically distinct regions:

- West of Limoux the 'Terroir Océanique' with wines where the acids dominate.
- Northeast the 'Terroir Méditerranéen' with full-bodied wines.
- To the south the 'Terroir Haute Vallée' where the wines clearly have more minerality.

Due to this variation of terroirs, a constant quality can be pursued by adjusting the proportion in each blend to the specificity of the harvest year. In fresh years the percentage of 'Méditerranéen' can be praised and in warm years more freshness can be brought to the wine by increasing the proportion of 'Océanique'.

The yield of the grapes is between 45 and 55 hectoliters per hectare. The grapes are pressed in a pneumatic press, vinification takes place in old vats under full temperature control. The wines with screw cap are aged in small tanks, the Réserve wines go on French oak, of which 6 months on 1/3 new oak. These wines are always closed with a cork.

Domaine Dusseau