2022 Juan Gil Shania Blanco BIB

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Type of Wine White
Country Spain
Region Murcia
Appellation Jumilla (Appellation)
Winery Juan Gil
Vintage 2022
Grape Malvasia Sauvignon Blanc
Content (Alc) 3 ltr (13%)
Drink window 2023 - 2025
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To be honest, we hesitated for quite a while about introducing so-called Bags in Box wines. We stand for quality at Grandcru wines and we have tried many BIB or Bags in Bottle wines as we were regularly asked for this, but all of them were resolutely rejected. The reason was always quality and that is what we stand for at Grandcruwijnen. We ultimately made the exception for the Shania Blanco and Shania Tinto from none other than Juan Gil (you know the ones from Clio, El Nido and Silver labels, among others). We have been their importer for years and they struggled with exactly the same thing and from here the Shnia project emerged with a red and white version of an extremely pleasant, fruity, drinkable and not too heavy white and red wine.

The demand for BIBs or Bags in Box, but for better wine, is certainly there and for various reasons:

  • The wine has a longer shelf life after opening. Because the wine does not oxidize, the bagi in box has a shelf life of 6 weeks longer than from a bottle
  • The quality of wine in a box is not necessarily inferior to wine from a bottle
  • The BIB wine is very easy to use thanks to the tap system
  • Thanks to bag in box wine, you don't have to open a bottle every time, but you can drink just one or two glasses without any problems.
  • Bag in box is ideal as house wine or for a party or to take with you with your camper or caravan (a BIB fits more conveniently in a refrigerator than individual bottles)
  • Bag in box wines have less environmental impact than glass bottles

The Shania Blanco is a delicious fruity wine made from sustainably grown grapes and also harvested by hand for this Juan Gil Shania and then fermented in stainless steel temperature-controlled barrels and here the wine matures for a few months after which it is bottled in the BIB - Bags in Box (or Bottle in Box). The wine is not filtered with animal proteins and is VEGAN certified.

The Shania is a dry fruity wine and is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc & Malvasia grapes. Fruity, not too heavy, nice acidity that keeps the wine very drinkable with fresh aromas of pear, green melon, peach and good citrus as a backbone. Not difficult, not complex, but just an honest and wonderfully typical Sauvignon Blanc driven wine where experience shows that everyone finds this a nice glass. This is a BIB of three liters, equal to 4 bottles, so less than 5 euros per bottle for a wine from Juan Gil.

In the Tab: Appendix you will find the official fact sheet of this beautiful wine. We will send it to you automatically when you order this wine. The wine is in our conditioned Wine Warehouse and if you pick up the wine you will also receive a nice discount. You will see your discount immediately when you choose Collect in the Checkout page. We are almost next to the Rijksweg with plenty of parking. Click here for our address.

How does a Bag in Box work?

What is BIB Wine? Actually, the name says it all. A Bag in Box (BIB) is a wine serving system in which the wine is packed in a plastic bag in a cardboard box. The plastic bag is equipped with a tap, with which the wine can be tapped into a glass. The content varies per BIB, and ranges from one, two, three and sometimes even 5 liters. Because the wine is packaged in such a way that no oxygen can reach the wine when you tap the wine, the wine in a BIB remains good for much longer after opening than in a bottle. You can put a Bag In Box with white wine or rosé in the keep in refrigerator. Ideal, because this way you can always tap a nice, cool glass of wine.

Vineyard for 2022 Juan Gil Shania Blanco BIB
More Information
Type of Wine White
Country Spain
Region Murcia
Appellation Jumilla (Appellation)
Winery Juan Gil
Grape Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc
Biological certified No
Natural wine No
Vegan Yes
Vintage 2022
Drinking as of 2023
Drinking till 2025
Alcohol % 13
Alcohol free/low No
Content 3 ltr
Oak aging Yes
Sparkling No
Dessert wine No
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