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The Austrian winery Weingut Gruber Röschitz is located in the eponymous town of Röschitz in the Niederösterreich region. Lower Austria is one of the 3 Austrian federal states defined as a separate wine region. Niederösterreich is located on the north bank of the Danube, to the north, but also to the east and northwest of Vienna, so as a kind of large crescent around the capital, to the south of the city.

This special region, from the Danube to the border with the Czech Republic in the north and that with Slovakia in the east, is the largest wine region in Austria. Because of its size and location, it has always been a bit shaded by the big names, famous regions such as Wachau and Kamptal.
Some of the wines from Niederösterreich carry the designation of origin Weinviertel DAC or Weinviertel DAC Reserve (since 2009), provided they are wines made from the most popular grape in this area, the Grüner Veltliner.
The terrain in this part of Lower Austria is different from that in the Wachau and the hills are much less steep. Where the Wachau mainly has a surface with a lot of granite, Donauland mainly has a soil with loess, and is therefore somewhat richer and clay-like in character. In the Ice Ages, this deep loess layer was formed on the shores of a primeval sea, which now forms the perfect soil for the vine. This special loess layer is the largest in central Europe. Only in the United States, in Iowa, are such large loess formations found, and in China, where the 'yellow' river owes its color to yellow loess washed away by erosion. The special feature of the loess is its high lime content. This ensures wines with a strong aromatic power, which are therefore very characterful.


Ewald Gruber has built his own family business in the Weinviertel. Ewald Gruber saw and sees the Weinviertel as the region of unlimited possibilities. He founded the company at a time when the vineyards of Niederösterreich and Weinviertel DAC were not yet highly reputed. It meant that you could still grow quite easily by purchasing good quality land for planting vineyards.
The winery is located in the village of Röschitz, one of the best wine villages of the Weinviertel. The subsoil of the vineyards here consists of a clay layer that is formed from granite, and therefore has a slightly different character than the rich loess soils from the area. The village is therefore renowned for its wines based on Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, which acquire a special strength and minerality here. Röschitz's microclimate is clearly influenced by the nearby Manhartsberg. The Manhartsberg is the separation between the Wein- and Waldviertel, which ensures a pronounced fresh breeze at night, which also explains the mineral and fresh character of the village's wines.

Due to the continuous expansion of the winery, Gruber also has historic vineyards such as Stift Altenburg on the Manhartsberg and the famous Schloss Maissau. The winery has now reached 80 hectares, which is considerable for a family business. This is possible because three of the six children of Hermine and Ewald Gruber are active in the company, so that the tasks can be divided. Son Ewald Jr. has been responsible for basement work since 2001. He trained at the Klosterneuburg wine-growing school and gained practical experience in Australia and New Zealand. Son Christian is responsible for managing the vineyards, a task he fulfills with passion, incidentally together with his father Ewald, whose heart is also in the vineyard. They strive for perfect harmony between grape, soil and climate. With the sticks that the grapes supply for the wines 'Selektion' and 'Alte Reben', the yields in the vineyards are kept very low, in order to be able to make wines with a special power and a lot of character.

The special team is completed by mother Hermine Gruber and daughter Maria. Hermine is responsible for accounting and logistics. An essential role, because nowadays customers are placing increasing demands on punctuality. Moreover, exports have risen sharply in recent years, which also places higher demands on logistics. Maria deals with the private customers who visit the domain to purchase their wines. As with other wines from the region, sales on the domain are traditionally very important.
Through its two active generations, Ewald Gruber is a company where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Father Ewald has the experience, because of his knowledge of the vineyards and the differences between the exhibition, location, surface and microclimate for wines that ensure maximum expression of their terroir. In the basement, Ewald jr. Is reluctant to use wood to maintain this terroir expression. Through an education on the lie he provides more strength and depth in the wines. A good example of the innovations in the domain are the wines that have been marketed under the name Pepp! Modern in taste and equally modern in their appearance, these wines will appeal to a young audience of new wine lovers. And that is extremely important. Gruber is very aware of this. Long live the new generation!

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