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Located in South America, the country of Chile is one of the New World wine countries and is the ideal country to grow excellent wine. Among other things, the large temperature differences between day and night, the relatively high degree of humidity of the ocean and the many hours of sunshine provide the perfect conditions for good wine-growing opportunities. In Chile you will find many famous wineries, such as Marnier Lapostolle, Larose Trintaudon and Almaviva-Rothschild. These wineries take care of the many top wines made in this country.

The wines made in this country mostly come from the French grape varieties, but there is also one grape variety, the Carmenère, which originally comes from France, but is now grown much more in Chile. This is because it was long thought that the Carmenère, who came from Bordeaux to Chile in the 19th century, was extinct. However, it turned out in 1994 that this grape still existed and grew in Chile. At the moment, the Carmenère is therefore a Chilean specialty that tastes like a firm Merlot.

In Chile you will find four large areas where wine is produced. These are Aconcagua, the Coquimbaregio, the Region Sur o Meridional and the Valle Central . One of the best of these four is the Aconcagua wine region. This wine region is divided into two regions namely the Valle de Casablanca and the Valle del Aconcagua. The first region is located near the sea and has a cool and humid climate. The second region, Valle del Aconcagua is located in an area surrounded by high mountains and you will find a Mediterranean climate here. The grape most commonly used for wine production is the Cabernet Sauvignon. This grape is used in 47% of the total wine production. The Cabernet Sauvignon, together with the Carménère and the Merlot, are the most popular grapes used for making red wine in Chile. The grapes that are used for white wine in Chile are mainly Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

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