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Château l'Evangile

Chateau l'Évangile is a Bordeaux house located on the very famous Pomerol plateau. The winery owned one of the first vineyards of the Pomerol. The Château L'Évangile estate was founded by the Léglise family from Libourne. They were actively involved in the construction of the vineyards of Pomerol in the middle of the 18th century. L'Évangile appeared in the 1741 register under the name of Fazilleau.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the estate was already close to its current state, with an area of ​​about 13 hectares, when it was sold to a lawyer named Isambert. This lawyer named the estate "L'Évangile". The estate was purchased in 1862 by Paul Chaperon. His descendants, the Ducasse family, remained the owners of the estate until 1990. Paul Chaperon continued to build the estate's reputation and built the residence of L'Évangile in the style of the Second Empire. In the second edition of Cocks Féret in 1868, L'Évangile is listed as a "Premier Cru du Haut-Pomerol".

After the death of Paul Chaperon in 1900, the estate was run by his descendants. In 1957, Louis Ducasse took over the estate, which had fallen into disrepair at the time and was also damaged by the frost in 1956. He managed to replant the vineyard and eventually restore it to its former glory. In 1982, his widow Simone Ducasse continued to manage the estate.

In 1990, Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) acquired the L'Évangile estate from the Ducasse family. They wanted to ensure that the property was maintained to the same high standards as DBR's. The initial influence of DBR (Lafite) included a more refined selection of the Grand Vin and the creation of Blason de L'Évangile as a second wine. Much work was also done to improve the vineyard with a restoration and (partial) renewal plan launched in 1998. The complete renovation of the barrel room and cellar, which was completed in 2004, completed the new state of the property.

The vintages from 1995 to 2005 were a very remarkable decade and crowned the successful work. The vintages 1995, 1996, 2000 and especially 2005 were judged to be truly exceptional!

Chateau l'Évangile has a vinification method where tradition and modern techniques go hand in hand. In 2004, the barrel room and cellars were completely rebuilt to make them more suitable for plot selection. The grapes from each plot are kept separate in batches in order to assess their potential for use in the Grand Vin at the end of fermentation. Traditional and modern winemaking methods are closely linked in all activities of the winery. The fermentation in barrels is carried out using the traditional method of pumping over and controlled maceration, with frequent tasting. Once fermentation is complete, the wine is aged for 18 months in oak barrels.

A strict selection is carried out in the production of Château L'Évangile and the second wine, Blason de L'Évangile. The average production of Château L'Évangile and its second wine Blason de L'Évangile is 5,000 cases. has been your online specialist for serious quality wine since 2010. In our range you will find more than 2500 different wines and we supply to consumers, catering and retail. We import directly from wineries in countries such as France, Spain and Italy. This allows us to offer our products at the best price. In addition to the classics from the Old World, we have the top wines from the New World!

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