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Viognier is a white grape variety that is mainly planted in the French Rhône Valley. It is the only permitted grape on the steep and famous vineyards of Condrieu. Wine made from Viognier is characterized by its bouquet of soft fruit and flowers, low acidity, strength and it is almost always dry. For a long time it was thought that the Viognier was brought from Dalmatia to Condrieu by the Roman Emperor Probus. Scientific research has recently shown that the origin of viognier must be sought locally.

Viognier is a versatile grape from which different wine styles can be made. It can be fermented and aged in stainless steel for a fresh and refreshing style, or aged in oak barrels to develop more complexity and creaminess. It goes well with many foods due to its aromatic intensity and balanced acidity. It pairs with dishes with rich and creamy sauces, as well as seafood, poultry and spicy dishes such as Thai or Indian.

Viognier, almost exclusively planted in Condrieu, was on the verge of disappearing, but fortunately things turned around in the 1980s. From the second half of the 1980s onwards, appreciation for this grape grew, it became more and more successful and could begin its rise within Condrieu and the peripheral areas. For Condrieu the average production is set at 37 hl/ha. Higher causes a rapid reduction in quality. Viognier is a very aromatic grape, but as a wine grower you must be able to master it very well. A good Condrieu should be picked ripe enough to obtain the typical aroma of apricot and exotic fruit. However, if you pick too ripe, you will lose violets and minerality (due to the granite soil). High quality requires the right interplay between good ripeness and still good freshness. Only then does the viognier from Condrieu reveal its wonderful aromas.