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This is an Italian grape, planted around the medieval town of Soave. This is used to make beautiful white Soave wines, using at least 85% Garganega, supplemented with Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Trebbiano di Soave or Trebbiano di Toscana.
A little further on, below the southern tip of Lake Garda, the Garganega is also the base of the Custoza. And in the east of the Veneto region, it is the grape for the Gambellara.
Garganega is a late-ripening variety that quickly overproduces. The reason why Soave has such a bad name. However, if this impetuously growing grape is kept in check like on the hills in the Soave classico area, it produces beautiful wines: delicate, with high acidity and the typical aromas of lemon and almond.

What does wine from the Garganega grape taste like?

Garganega wine is characterized by its fresh aromas of wildflowers, citrus and notes of almond. The wines have a golden-yellow, ambery color and combine very well with everything that comes from the sea.