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The story of the Parusso family is one of dedication, passion and a constant desire to improve through experimentation. Their dedication to their craft drives them to rediscover knowledge, traditions and the ancient vineyard skills of their ancestors. It is important to understand how each generation of the Parusso family has impacted the winery that exists today. In 1901, Gaspare Parusso purchased the Mariondino plot, the first vineyard purchased by the Parusso family. A few years later, in 1925, the family acquired the "Rovella" farm, where their cellar now overlooks the Rocche vineyard. In 1971, Gaspare's son Armando started making his own grapes under the Parusso family label and when his son Marco finished oenological school in Alba in 1986, he joined Armando in Parusso and they continued making wine together. Three years later, in 1989, Armando bought the Munie vineyard in the hamlet of Bussia.

The history of the Parusso family has evolved over 120 years, from a family of farmers to a family of winemakers. Parusso wines continue to gain international acclaim while staying true to tradition, family values and ultimately respect for the land that has been in their family for over 100 years.

It is fundamental for them to build a perfect symbiosis with the earth. In addition to traditional techniques, we have developed the technique of micro-zoning of soils based on the personalization of different plots and the use of specific fertilizers and pruning methods, depending on the type of soil on which the vineyard is located. In addition, they use high-quality humus and special microorganisms to give the soil the maximum amount of nutrients and oxygen to make it rich, healthy and airy. Between the rows we grow the natural grass to develop a deep radical system that helps the plants become healthy, disease resistant and stable.

Parusso is located in the land where Nebbiolo, a vine capable of giving strong emotions, best expresses its qualities. They grew up in the Cascina Rovella, in the Bussia area, on the edge of the hill that descends from Monforte d'Alba to Castiglione Falletto and overlooks the town of Barolo. They are now located in the heart of the Barolo district, where the two types of soil, Tortonian and Elvezian, have formed mounds that mix and merge into a perfect unity. Limestone, clay, marl and sand, expertly mixed by nature gives a rich soil characterized by incredible diversity.

Today, the Parusso company manages 28 hectares of vineyards in the municipalities of Monforte d'Alba and Castiglione Falletto. Marco and Tiziana take advantage of the work of 10 people in the company. In 2019, Giulia, Tiziana's daughter, and Francesco, Marco's son, joined the company, paving the way for the fifth generation. The Parusso family owns plots of land in the sought-after 'cru' vineyards of Barolo, such as Bussia, Mariondino, and Le Coste-Mosconi. By using only natural yeast cells (lovingly referred to as 'the mother of his wines' by Marco) and by putting his modern cellar entirely at the service of the grape, each piece of land is expressed differently in his wines. Marco Parusso knows his terroir and knows exactly how to express this characteristic soil in his wines.