Château Dauzac

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Château Dauzac

Château Dauzac used to be known as 'the lost château' of Margaux. Still, this beautiful château has been booming for 2 decades under the management of André Lurton and winemaker Christine Lurton de Caix. Château Dauzac has a rich history. In fact, there are indications that the château already existed in the 13th century! In 1855, the château was classified as 5th Grand Cru Classé in Margaux. However, after this period, the château was regularly resold. In addition, Phylloxera and mildew persisted, a major problem, as it turned out, not only for Dauzac but also for the rest of Bordeaux and the wine world. Still, the cure was quickly found, by the then owner of both Ducru-Beaucaillou and Dauzac. Château Dauzac has therefore played a major role in the history of Bordeaux, whether or not for the entire wine-growing sector in Europe.

The quality of the wines seemed to be particularly good around the 18th century and the demand was high. Unfortunately, this changed with the arrival of the 1st and 2nd World War and the then economic recession. Things didn't get much better when in 1966 Château Palmer's shared owner bought Dauzac and tried to rename it to Lynch-Dauzac. Family problems between the then owners caused Château Dauzac to sink into oblivion in the 1970s. However, the tide turned with the arrival of Félix Chatellier, in 1978. As the new owner, he built a modern chai, as well as a drum cellar equipped with humidifiers. The vineyard was also enlarged. In 1989 the domain was transferred to the MAIF (insurance company) and two banks. These continued investment and appointed André Lurton as director just before the 1992 harvest. The already satisfying wine quality - elegant, firm taste, balanced, reasonably complex - was driven up again, especially from 1993 onwards.

Château Dauzac currently owns 120 hectares of land, 50 of which are planted with vines. The soil is typical of Margaux and consists of fine, deep pebble soils. Most of the vineyards were replanted with cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc about 20 years ago. The wines increase in quality every year and are frequently tipped by renowned magazines as 'rising star of margaux'. We dare to say that Château Dauzac offers great value for money. They are classic, powerful and concentrated storage wines.