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Cascina Chicco is a nickname, but it is something more: it is the voice of generations past that whispers over the years, and today brings out the traditions and actions of its ancestors. For this reason, the owners have chosen to name the company Cascina Chicco because it connects us with the identity of the place where we were born and grew up. They chose it with respect for the past and with courage to look to the future.

The vines stretch from Canale to Castellinaldo, from Vezza d'Alba to Castagnito. Because the areas all contain different types of soil, the owners have researched which grapes suit which areas best. The winery uses the minimum amount of synthetic treatments possible and carries out regular analyzes to ensure the best quality grapes. The owners aim to communicate the strong support for sustainability through a new basement project. By installing the latest technology in 40kWp solar panels, they take advantage of the generous sunlight from the Roero to perfectly match the plants. The winery not only avoids fossil fuels, but also reduces CO2 emissions by about 30,000 kg per year through the use of solar panels.

Cascina Chicco