The domain Caiarossa is located in a beautiful Tuscan village called Riparbella. The name Caiarossa is an ode to the soil. It consists of quartz and (pebble) stones, with an intense red (rosso) color. Caia comes from the Greek word Gaia, 'mother earth'. Caiarossa has been owned by the Albada Jelgersma family since 2004, which also includes Château Giscours and Château Du Tertre, both located in Margaux.

Caiarossa has about 40 hectares and is located on the west side of the hill, with the Mediterranean Sea on the other side. Various grape varieties have been planted here, such as Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. From the end of August to the end of November, people work hard to harvest the grapes, which is all done manually. After harvest, the grapes soak and ferment for about 4 weeks in concrete or wooden tanks. In order to get the best expression of the terroir in the wine, a spontaneous fermentation is chosen. Subsequently, a malolactic fermentation takes place and the wine continues to mature in the cellars. Caiarossa not only works biodynamically, but also according to the ancient Chinese art "Feng Shui". The shapes, colors, light and materials in the wine cellars are all adapted to this.