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The Ribolla grape is a white wine variety that is widely planted in the province of Friuli, northeastern Italy. It is also found in Slovenia, that neighbours Italy, where it is called Rebula.

The wines flavour profiles are often characterized by strong acidity, a hint of peach, citrus and some apple notes, but also a faintly floral aromatic profile. In Friuli itself, the Ribolla Gialla grape performs best in Colli Orientali and Rosazzo, where it used to mainly produce dry white wines, but also sparkling wines.

It is usually made as a varietal, but it can also be mixed with varieties such as Malvasia, Pinot Grigio and Friulano. In Slovenia, Rebula blends are named brisko vino.

There are two clones: Ribolla Verde and Ribolla Gialla. The first one is a green version, the second one a yellow variety. The latter is much more common, given that it is more expressive. Most wines labeled as Ribolla are made from Ribolla Gialla.

The grape variety has been through a period of declining popularity in Friuli – international varieties were preferred during replanting after phylloxera, an insect with destroys the roots of grapevines. However, wine growers have again embraced its rare qualities as a native grape.

The Greek variety called Robola has long been considered the same breed. However, DNA studies in the late 2000s showed that they are different varieties.


Moreover, Ribolla Nera is not related to Ribolla. The first is actually a synonym for Schioppettino.