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Valpolicella Classico (Superiore)

Valpolicella is a hidden gem just east of Lake Garda, Verona, and it has been called the 'pearl of Verona'. We think the name of Valpolicella is incredibly appropriate. According to the Oxford Companion to Wine, it comes from a mixture of Latin and Greek. Which translates to "the valley of many cellars."

With wine production hidden in the foothills of the region just north of the River Adige, it is a shining example of all that the country has to offer. Valpolicellians have been processing grapes since the days of ancient Greece, and the red wine only seems to get better with age. It is relatively cool, continental, and perfect for growing grapes. The climate of Valpolicella is crucial to the success of its wine. The Alps to the north and the rolling valleys to the south protect the region from the intensity of the Mediterranean summer. The prevailing winds create microclimates throughout the region. Although not a hard and fast rule, wines produced on higher ground are generally more balanced and richer in alcohol than less distinctive valley wines. The Grandcru region of the Valpolicella is the Vajol. This small area in the middle of the region has the ideal location, water management, and the high-end wine companies such as Rubinelli, Garbole, Dal Forno are all located here.

The Valpolicella region in the Veneto region is home to great wines from this region, such as the Amarone and Ripasso. But also among the Valpolicella Classico, Recioto and the Valpolicella. These wines are delicious and usually a fraction of the price of the big brothers while also being more accessible, fresher, and less heavy.