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Antonio Caggiano - the 'Barolo of the South'

The Italian winery Antonio Caggiano is located in the wine region of Campania in the municipality (and also DOCG) of Taurasi. Taurasi is an important wine center for the region and you will also find yourself in an atmosphere of folklore, ancient traditions, historical architecture and religion. The city of Taurasi has a historic city center with amazing architectural masterpieces and ancient art pieces. Old churches and chapels beautify the area with its many folkloric festivals and traditions.

The wines from the spectacular winery Antonio Caggiano are all very special. The top wine is the Taurasi Vina Macchia dei Goti, also known as the 'Barolo of the South'. Furthermore, the winery makes the beautiful Fiano di Avelino and Greco di Tufo, from the 2 most typical white grapes from the Campania. Both wines are named after distant places that Caggiono visited as a photographer. The winery makes 3 different DOCGs and only a few copy them. The Macchia was voted best red Aglianico wine in the New York Times and we totally agree.


The winery founder, Antonio Caggiano, is quirky and outgoing. In addition to being a winemaker, he has been a passionate and enthusiastic photographer who has traveled all over the world for years. From the cold of the Artic countries to the African desert, from the United States to South America and finally to the old family vineyard (Salae Domini) to work on the realization of his winery founded in 1990. Driven by an irresistible desire to give a voice to the history & traditions of his beloved Taurasi, Antonio decided to start his own winery.

The winery has beautiful cellars with numerous fascinating small tunnels, built and designed by Antonio, who is also an architect. These cellars are not only the place where barriques, bottles and barrels are kept, but they also represent a real museum of wine growing. In every corner, on every wall and in the multiple recesses in the stone walls, the typical tools and objects used by winemakers can be admired. In addition to the tools and vessels, there is a variety of wood, glass and stone artwork, some of which were created by Antonio himself and others received as gifts from artist friends.

Antonio started this winery partly for his own pleasure, and partly for the challenge. Not only to rediscover the aromas and flavors previously lost in Taurasi wine, but also to create a small museum of farming tools used in the past. The winery has a modern technical structure with an authentic style. Visitors are welcome to wander through the cellars, giving the impression of a mysterious underground land made between walls of large stones, arches and vaults. These great cellars are therefore one of the distinguishing features of this winery.

The company is currently run by Antonio's son Giuseppe. Giuseppe, helped by his father and thanks to meticulous and passionate hard work in the vineyard and winery, has contributed to achieving a quality, distinctive style that has marked winery Antonio Caggiano as one of the best representatives of Irpinia wines.

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Antonio Caggiano