How can I find the offers?

We communicate our offers in various ways. Discount codes and special offers on scarce wines are always first and foremost communicated to our regular customers via the Newsletter and our App. The advice is certainly to subscribe to the newsletter and install the App.

We put a lot of energy into giving our customers thoughtful content. Do not expect a lengthy story about the best wine in the world or the 100/100 points wines of some unknown greatness. Instead, prepare yourself for great recent information about a wine, how it is made, the winery, and the opinions of well-known wine evaluators (such as Parker and Suckling).


  1. The weekly offer - every week we have a wine or winery on offer for a week. You will always find this in the main banner on our homepage (on the Website and App)
  2. All our offer wines. These can be found on the website - click here for an overview
  3. Special offers that we only communicate through our newsletter, and with a message to our App users.
    1. discount codes for special promotions
    2. and scoop discount/pre-purchase
    3. offers/discount codes for new wines/wineries
    4. offers/discount codes for wines on sale
  4. And Primeur/Pre-purchase. We first communicate this via our newsletter and App. The current Presale/En Scoop can be found here