Gedroogde worst Naturel

Country The Netherlands
Region Divers
Winery Grandcruwijnen
Biological No
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Dry sausage natural - Saucisson nature. A delicious sausage from our ranges and has a great taste.

The sausages are filled manually and are wrapped in a natural pig casing. This allows the outside to be eaten as well. Then the dry sausages go to a maturing room for 3-5 days. Finally, the sausages are moved to a large cell at a temperature of 16-20 degrees, where they hang to dry for about 6 weeks.

There may be a layer of green, blue mold on the sausage. This fungus is harmless and can simply be eaten. The fungus ensures the shelf life of the product.

Shelf life of the dry sausages: The dry sausages can be kept for two months outside the refrigerator.

Allergens: The sausages do not contain harmful fragrances, colors and flavors. All dry sausages do not contain gluten, except for the fried onion. These do contain gluten. The dried sausages contain lactose. There may also be traces of nuts in all French sausages.

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Delicatessen Type Sausage
Country The Netherlands
Region Divers
Winery Grandcruwijnen
Biological No
Vegan No
Nett Weight 200 gram
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