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Italië - Calabria
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Italian wines are internationally renowned. Italy has one of the oldest wine cultures in the world and has a huge variety of wine types. From light and fresh in Friuli, complex and sturdy in Piemonte, refined from Bolgheri and could we continue for a while. What wine lover has not heard of an Amarone, Barolo, Brunello or Chianti. In recent decades, there has also been an enormous emphasis on quality in Italy and the days of Chiantis in a wicker basket for a few euros with a liquid that the name wine should not even earn has long since passed.

Nowadays there are absolute cult wines among Italian wines such as the wines of Gaja, Antinori and Sassicaia to name just a few. Because all wines can be ordered per bottle from us, we offer you the opportunity to try all these beautiful things and try your own taste. Try to deviate from the usual paths and try a fine wine from Puglia or a nice white wine from Friuli. You will see that the diversity of Italian wines is unprecedented and of all wine-producing countries, Italy offers the greatest diversity of flavors and types of wine.

As an importer of many distinguished wineries, we also have the luxury of having other products produced at the vineyards piggybacked with our wine transport. These products include honey, olive oil, cheese, coffee and other delicacies. These great products are available to the Netherlands through us. So if you are looking for a unique top quality of non-mass produced delicacies, then these products are definitely for you!

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