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The Mikulski winery was originally created by Pierre Boillot, who was Francois Mikulski's uncle. In 1992, Francois and his wife took over his uncle's winery and since then it has been called Mikulski winery. However, the Pierre Boillot label survived until 2004, when Pierre died. Different from other winemakers in Burgundy, Francois does not have many relatives who were winemakers, and was thus one of the first in his family line. Francois Mikulski is a Pole, which is also evident from his surname, his father left Poland for England in 1938 and Francois was born in 1963. Francois and his wife had the option to create something completely new as they didn't have a reputation for the family name they had to uphold because they were one of the first winemakers in the family line.

The Mikulski wines are produced organically, for the grapes only sulfur and copper are used which is standard, for the rest they do not use any preventive or curative agents. The vineyards are spread across Meursault and the neighboring villages, and only a quarter of these vineyards are used to make red wine, the rest are focused on Meursault. They do not use barrels older than 7 years for maturing the wine and they usually do not use new wood for the Meursalts. The barrels they use are made of oak. However, the Poruzots and Genevrières are now aged in a new 500l barrel. Francois and his wife own 8.5 hectares of vineyards.

Francois Mikulski himself gave a nice explanation of what makes a Meursault a Meursault when he was asked this question:
" What makes a Meursault a Meursault is a certain style; however, there is no perfect style, the style differs per wine and per winemaker. For me the best style is minerality. In white wine I like pure skin, minerality and of course I want a certain acidity, so that the wine is also exciting. I want a wine in which people long for another glass after drinking a glass, which means that it is refreshing. "