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The winery is located in the town of Nieva, just outside Segovia. It is located in the Spanish Rueda, north of Madrid. The MicroBioWines label is the brainchild of Ismael Gonalo and was founded in 1998. Ismael is descended from a large family of winegrowers in the area and is happy to be working with Verdejo vineyards that have passed from generation to generation with the aim of has stated that the plots are improving continuously. The vineyards are therefore treasures of biodiversity. Ismael not only characterizes his wines as inspired, authentic and surprising, they are more of a philosophy of life, a way of understanding existence and a legacy for future generations. This winery makes beautiful wines with personality without losing the character of the variety. The winery has a history where more than 5 generations of people are committed to getting the best of the earth. Men and women who are passionately committed to understanding nature as a source of life, and who have left a legacy of experience that should not be forgotten.

MicroBioWines do not use any additives for winemaking. In addition, the yeasts responsible for fermenting the grapes are always specific to each vineyard. For this reason, the wines clearly represent the different vintages. According to the cycle in the field, fermentations are faster or slower and this is not a matter of concern for this winery. Finding the balance is always the most difficult and that is something they have achieved with a high level of effort and a lot of perseverance. Because the wine is not filtered or clarified, the winery is very alert to sudden temperature fluctuations and the bottle can therefore give some precipitation.