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La Braccesca was acquired in 1990 by the Antinoris. Marchese Antinori has been looking for a long time to add a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (including the Riserva) to its extensive range, but then it has to be "Antinori-worthy" and that is the case with La Braccesca. The estate's name comes from the historic farmhouse that once stood there, owned by the Count of Bracci, whose coat of arms appears on the estate's logo; an arm covered in armor brandishing a sword.

The estate extends over an area of ​​508 hectares (1,255 acres) and the vineyards cover an area of ​​340 hectares (840 acres) divided into two blocks: the first is 366 hectares (904 acres) of which 237 (585 acres) are planted with vineyards and located on the border between the towns of Montepulciano and Cortona. The other block is 142 hectares (350 acres), of which 103 (254 acres) are planted with vineyards, it stretches all the way to Montepulciano and includes three of the most famous plots known for the production of great red wines: Cervognano , Santa Pia and Graciano. In 1990, under the new leadership of Antinori, the first Vino Nobile and Riserva became available