Jacquesson Champagne was founded in 1798 by Memmie Jacquesson in Chalons-en-Champagne. Memmie gave the new house its name and was immediately very successful: Jacquesson was one of Napoleon's favorite houses. His son Adolphe further developed the company and worked with Dr. Jules Guyot - still known today for his worldwide cutting technique and his patent on the muselet (the metal wire basket to secure the champagne cork). The early deaths of Adolphe's two sons marked the end of the family line and the temporary decline of the champagne house.

In 1974, Champagne Jacquesson was taken over by the Chiquet family and the core of the company moved to Dizy amid its own vineyards. The house features premier crus and grand crus vineyards in the villages of Dizy, Avize and Aÿ in La Grande Vallée de la Marne and La Côte des Blancs (named after the color of the grapes; around 95% of the grapes grown here consists of chardonnay). Champagne Jacquesson has 31.5 ha of its own vineyard and uses 10 ha of contracted, friendly winegrowers who work according to the same rules as those working in their own vineyards.

Jacquesson champagnes are the absolute top of the Champagnes. Excellent quality and excellent price-quality. Not for nothing did the cha, pagnes invariably get 92 points or more from Parker. The Champagne Jacquesson has received 3 stars in the La Revue du Vin de France ranking. This ranking gives a quality assessment of the 1,300 best wineries in France. The judgment is expressed in stars. A three-star rating is the maximum that can be obtained.

This small (annual production 350,000fl.) Champagne house has been at the absolute top in Champagne for several years. This Champagne house has been classified in the top 3 of the Champagnes by "Le Classement 2006". Jacquesson & Fils is one of a small number of small TOP producers who prioritize quality over quantity. The entire range of this house shines of pure class.

See attached video about Jacquesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdkY-SluefA