Bodegas Gaintza

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Bodegas Gaintza is a typical family business and is located next to the old family farm, which was built in 1923 by José Antonio Lazkano. His great-grandsons, Joseba and Urtzi, now manage the vineyards. They have taken over from their father Nicolás and their mother Mariángeles can still be seen in her van to deliver wine.

The climate, the geological and biological properties of the soil and the orientation of the vines are the main determinants of a wine-growing region. In the case of Bodegas Gaintza, the txakoli terroir is located in a special location: the Basque coast. The high humidity, the clay soil and the proximity to the sea are three of the characteristic features of the area. The area has alternating hard and soft layers (limestone and sandstone versus loam and clay rocks), with clay loam and clay soils predominating. The wet climate allows the development of dense vegetation that protects the soil from erosion and provides organic matter for biological activity. Precipitation in Gipuzkoa varies between 1,051 mm and 1,734 mm per year. The proximity to the Cantabrian Sea means that the maximum annual temperature variation is 11ºC.