You mention that some wine is produced organically. What does this mean?

At Grandcruwijnen, we have a unique range of organic wines, and we indicate this in the wine specifications. The winemaker explicitly states that he will produce, following the general standards of organic or biodynamic viticulture. So no chemicals, etc. Not all organic wines are certified organic, and it is often the winemaker's choice. Certification can be a lengthy, sometimes bureaucratic process, and rules differ per country (and sometimes even per area). One can decide to grow and produce organically but not see the value of the certificate. For the time being, the top houses do not participate in the certification at all (this does not offer them any added value). We strictly check through multiple channels (so we don't just assume the winemaker's saying) whether the winemaker produces organically or biodynamically and if it is officially certified, we will explicitly report this.