What do the points mean at; James Suckling, Parker, Winespectator and Penin?

Most wine evaluators use a model in which the wines are classified on a 100-point scale. Wines with more than 90 points are the A wines.

* 96-100, extraordinary wines
* 90-95, excellent wines
* 80-89, above-average to very good wines
* 70-79, average wines
* 60-69, wines below average
* 50-59, unacceptable wines

The reviews give a good indication, but you should not rely on this only, and the opinion of the Professionals is also a subjective opinion. There is no substitute for one's perception. Also, there is no better learning method about wine than tasting the wine yourself, and in the end, it is only your taste that counts. So if you like a low-rated wine, then so be it.
In principle, with wines that score between 80-100 points, you are dealing with a well-made wine, but in the end, you decide whether you like it.

It is important to mention that not every vintage of a wine is evaluated. If a vintage has not been reviewed, we show the most recent vintage because this gives a good indication of a reviewer's opinion of wine and winery. Especially since our range includes internationally known wineries, and we do not work with products that bottle the same wine under 15 labels, the ratings of an earlier vintage are also very indicative. You will see that there are minor differences between the vintages, but these are very minimal, and in the event of a drop (a bad harvest), we always skip this vintage.

Of course, you can always see in the assessment which vintage it is, but certainly, with quality wines, rarely, an evaluation between a wine changes very much. A bottle of wine with 94 points can suddenly have 87-points a year later, and a review is subjective and in any case. Our advice is that a review gives a direction, and tells whether a wine is well made or not, but says less about whether you like the wine or not. Your perception is what counts, and the reviews are particularly supportive of your choice of the right wine.

That is why we also have an exclusive subscription with the Wine Advocate, Suckling, Penin, and Winespectator, which entitles us to show the integral review text because that is what we consider more important for you as a customer than the number that the wine has received.