What are the different sizes of wine?

Most wine is in a standard 0.75-liter bottle, but that is not always the case. Especially Champagne is bottled in different sizes. Others (especially red wine) are also available in bottles with different volumes. We have made a list of the most important. Each format has its name, and the names of the biggest bottles are inspired by the Old Testament. These sizes are not standardized, so in case of doubt, always report the specifications because we also report the exact capacity in liters for a bottle of wine. If in doubt, please call or email us (support@grandcruwijnen.nl).

We also have a wide range of large sizes (from magnums to 18 liters). Click here for an actual overview.

Demi----------------- 37.5 cl - Standard half bottle
Fillette--------------- 37.5 cl - Small bottle, half bottle, the left bottle is typical of the Val de Loire
Bouteille---------------- 75 cl - Standard bottle
Magnum------------- 1,5 liter - Bottle with content of 2 bottles of 75 cl
Jeroboam--------------- 3 liter - Bottle with content of 4 bottles of 75 cl
Rehoboam--------------- 4.5 liters - Bottle with content of 6 bottles of 75 cl
Methuselah---------- 6 liters - Bottle with content of 8 bottles of 75 cl
Salmanazar---------- 9 liter - Bottle with content of 12 bottles of 75 cl
Balthazar--------------- 12 liter - Bottle with content of 16 bottles of 75 cl
Nabuchodonosor---- 15 liter - Bottle with content of 20 bottles of 75 cl
Melchior----------------- 18 liter - Bottle with content of 24 bottles of 75 cl



The first sovereign ruler of the kingdom of Israel (930-910 BC). After Solomon's death, he was proclaimed king by the tribunes from the north, who had rebelled against Roboam. In addition to the pre-existing Hebrew schism that was political, he now added a religious dimension, as Dan chose and Bethel as a holy place.

King of Judea (930 BC) Son of Solomon, who reigned as a tyrant and caused the division between the tribes of the North (together with Israel).

According to the Bible, Methuselah, a Jewish patriarch, lived to be 969 or 720 years old.

Name of 5 Assyrian kings, of which Shalmanazar III was the most important.

Son of Nabonidus and regent of Babylon, killed by Cyrus in 539 BC. According to the Bible, the prophet Daniel is said to have foretold his death and the end of his kingdom by translating an inscription. The inscription was put on a wall by an invisible hand during a feast (Mane, Thekel, Phares)
Or also: One of the 3 kings. (next to Melchior and Caspar).

Nabucho Donosor (Nebuchadnezzar)
Feared king of Babylon (from 605 to 562 BC). He conquered Syria and Palestine in 604 and took Jerusalem several times (ts. 605 and 587), deporting the Jewish population (586-538). Under his rule, the Neo-Babylonian Empire was at its peak.

Melchior: One of the 3 Kings

It is confusing that there is a difference in name between still wines and bubbles, such as champagnes