Responsible alcohol use

At Grandcruwijnen, we stand for responsible enjoyment. We want adults to enjoy moments with a nice glass, but responsibly. Better to drink less, but with a nice wine, is our motto.

Grandcruwijnen does not sell alcoholic beverages to people under the age of 18. We only sell beverages to buyers aged 18 and over. Not only because this is prohibited by law, but also because young people should not drink alcohol. When purchasing alcohol, our employees ask for identification from all people under the age of 25. Are you estimated to be younger than 25 in the store, but you are older? Take it as a compliment!

New regulations were introduced as of June 2021. When ordering online, you must confirm that you are over 18 years, and upon delivery, you must present your identification.

In addition to the identification obligation when ordering and receiving it, simply leaving wines at a front door is no longer possible. It is also important to mention that if you choose a different delivery address (for example, sending a gift), the recipient must show ID to the delivery person. So keep this in mind, and perhaps it is good to inform the recipient about this in advance (you could forward the Track&Trace you receive to the ultimate recipient and mention that a package will be coming for which 18 plus control is necessary).