Not happy, money back — Trial Guarantee

What exactly does trial warranty entail?

A 45-day trial guarantee applies to Grand Cru wines as standard. In addition to the reflection period, you also have a trial guarantee. This means that you can return your wine if you have ordered several bottles of the same wine. Thanks to our air-conditioned storage, we can be sure of the quality. However, you may experience the wine differently than described by us, because of course, taste is something subjective. When you choose to return your other wine, you will receive a voucher with which you can choose another wine that suits you in our webshop or Wine Warehouse. The Trial Guarantee is an addition to the right of withdrawal and does not affect the legal guarantee mentioned below that applies to all products.


What are the conditions for returning under a trial guarantee?


  • With the exception of the opened bottle, return the rest.
    All other bottles will then be reimbursed at purchase value by means of a voucher or via loyalty points on your account with us. Shipping costs are not reimbursed.
  • The wine should be returned preferably in the original shipping box in which you also received your wine.
  • The trial warranty is valid from 45 days after delivery.
  • Before you return your wine (s), please contact our customer service by telephone +31 (0)78 6450615 or by email at [email protected]