Does Grandcruwijnen offer discounts?

Because of our enormous range and that all wines can be ordered per bottle, our warehouse is rapidly growing. To keep this under control, we sometimes give a very attractive discount for wines and years of which we only have a few bottles left. Besides that, we also offer wines that we are incredibly enthusiastic about ourselves; these have an excellent price and match our quality standards. These wines will sometimes be in the spotlight for a short period. We also change our offers daily, but first come, first serve.

All wines with an extra discount are grouped at the top of the menu under 'Offers'. In addition, many of our wines have a graduated discount where you pay a lower price if, for example, you buy 3 or 6 bottles. Adding on to this, you will receive a standard and automatic discount on your order (loyalty points). These points can be redeemed when you are placing an order.

If you pick up your order at our warehouse, you will receive a discount. The discount will be processed right after you have chosen the option of picking the wines up. The discount applies to our entire range, except for very scarce wines and products already on sale.

Customers with an account will automatically receive discount points (loyalty points) on all wines, not on sale. This concerns an automatic discount of 1.5% on the value of the shopping cart (excluding promotional items).

Our offers are communicated through our Newsletter as well as email (for registered users). An overview of our current offers can be found here.

You will also receive discounts/loyalty points for leaving a review, registering for the newsletter, and creating an account.