Can I get my wines in their original packaging, too?

We have special packaging material (pulp or paper mats) for the shipment of your wines to ensure that your wines are sent safely and this means that your shipments are also insured, so in the unlikely event that something happens that causes your package to be damaged, you will receive guaranteed your money back or replacement products. For larger quantities and/or more expensive wines, we can also send the wines with a specialized Wine Transport. In that case we can deliver it in the original packaging (including OWC) and will then be sent insured. They always pick up the shipments from us on Wednesday and then delivery is Thursday or Friday (depending on the zip code). You can choose this Shipping option in the Checkout and with larger quantities (12 or more bottles) and with a value of at least 200 euros (Belgium: from 350 euros) we offer this specialized wine transport free of charge and we advise also use this.

If we have to send the products in their original packaging  with the regular delivery services such as PostNL or DPD, we must repack them in order to be able to send them insured. If you nevertheless want to have the product delivered in the original packaging  then we cannot  be held liable for any damage. Of course we will pack the shipment as well as possible and if you wish, you can indicate this in the Comments box (in the checkout page).

What is certain is that you will collect your wines from us. An additional advantage is that you will also receive a serious discount on almost all our wines. This discount will be processed immediately if you choose Pickup and then we can deliver the wines in their original packaging as best as possible.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee that wines are still present in the original packaging and you can also imagine that if you order 1 fine wine we cannot send it in the original packaging if it is in a box of 6 pieces. However, if the box has arrived and these remaining bottles are ordered, we will send them in the box or box. If there is no box or box left, we will look for a nice alternative equivalent box or box in which we will put the wine(s), but this service is only possible if you choose Wijntransport Verhoeven.