2017 Quinta da Boavista Reserva Tinto

49.95 41.28
Type of Wine Red
Country Portugal
Region Douro
Winery Quinta da Boavista
Year 2017
Content (Alc) 0.75 ltr (14%)
Drink window 2022 - 2034
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Quinta da Boavista is located near Pinhão, on the right bank of the Douro River, and has an extraordinary view over the river. It is one of the most iconic estates in the demarcated region, known not only for its historic link to the Baron of Forrester, but also for its 36 hectares of high quality vines.
Vinha do Ujo stands for decades of dedication and attention to detail to ensure that this wine shows its charismatic expression of a unique terroir.

The Reserva is the 'backbone' of Quinta da Boavista's portfolio and is the result of a batch made with grapes from a blend of both old and younger vines. This Reserva Red is produced with Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinto Cão and Vinhas Velhas (more than 80 years old vines).

Touriga Nacional is a dark-skinned grape variety that is an important ingredient in both dry reds and fortified wines (Port) with a wide presence in the Douro region. Displays bold flavors of dark fruit, often accompanied by hints of spice, violet and leather. Its firm tannins make it relevant as a varietal wine. Secondly, Touriga Franca is also one of the traditional grape varieties from the Douro region. She is more aromatic and has a lighter body, is slightly less concentrated and has higher yields than the flagship Portuguese variety. Touriga Franca is really rich in tannins with an exquisite perfume of fresh, ripe red fruits, spices and flowers. Tinto Cão is a grape variety dating back to the region's origins. Over the years, this breed has been proven to be better suited to the fronts of the region with less sun exposure. The cooler climate brings out the floral aromas of the variety. With lighter colored wines, despite its dark skin, it has good acidity and tannins.

To ensure that the varietal characteristics predominate and the process is fully under control, Quinta da Boavista uses manual harvesting and manual grape grading processes, followed by gentle berry debarking and crushing. As fermentation tanks they have the traditional granite footstep wine presses, stainless steel fermenters and, for small batches, PVC containers or fermentation in new 500 liter French wooden barrels. Each of these types of fermentation gives the wine a unique style and personality. After maturing in 500 liter barrels for 15 to 20 months, we create the Reserva blend. All our wines are sealed under natural cork. This wine is not filtered or cold stabilized and therefore can produce a sediment with age.

This Boavista Reserva Tinto (red) is very elegant and refined. This Reserva has a ruby red color and a bouquet of spices and aromas of red fruit with floral notes that accumulate in the glass. In the mouth, the freshness expands, enhancing the fruit flavors and soft but firm tannins, giving great volume. A wine that is graceful, with a lot of refinement.

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Vineyard for 2017 Quinta da Boavista Reserva Tinto

For the start of Quinta da Boavista, we go back to the first demarcation of this wine region in the Douro, in 1756. The estate is clearly documented on renowned maps from 1843 made by the owner Joseph James Forrester (Baron van Forrester). These maps later became known as important references for the area: "Mappa do Paiz Vinhateiro do Alto Douro" (1843) and "Douro Portuguez e Paiz Adjacente" (1848). In the intervening years up to 2020, the winery has had its fair share of owners and challenges.

But over the years, the expertise in the winery has grown steadily. This was given a boost when Sogevinus Fine Wines, one of the largest Douro wine groups, bought the winery in 2020. Despite Quinta da Boavista's long existence, since 2020 the winery has experienced exponential growth in expertise & quality and has been known ever since as the Douro icon.

Because it all started in the Douro: This majestic river, which enters Portugal from Spain to the Atlantic Ocean, in Porto, is the backbone of one of the most authentic and unique wine regions in the world. It is home to an impressive variety of indigenous varieties and many Vinhas Velhas (old vines). On the right bank of the river is the iconic estate of Quinta da Boavista, with 36 hectares of high-quality vines. These vineyards are spread over a dazzling geometric setting of hand-built terraces and supported by small slate walls, typical of the region. Some terraces are almost eight meters high and this, together with the extreme climate and dramatic steep slopes, makes for a unique terroir.

The wines of Quinta da Boavista are among the absolute Grand Crus of Portugal. The Vinhas Vehas Ujo and Oratorio have become international icon wines.

More Information
Type of Wine Red
Country Portugal
Region Douro
Winery Quinta da Boavista
Biological certified No
Vegan No
Year 2017
Drinking as of 2022
Drinking till 2034
Alcohol % 14
Alcohol free/low No
Content 0.75 ltr
Oak aging Yes
Sparkling No
Dessert wine No
Closure Cork
Parker rating 90
Tasting Profiles Earthy, Rustic, Complex, Dark fruit, Dry, Aged on wood, Powerful, Mineral, Tannines, Full
Drink moments Indruk maken, Lekker luxe
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