2021 Chateau Changyu Moser XV Helan Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc de Noir

16.95 14.01
Type of Wine White
Country China
Region Ningxia
Winery Château Changyu Moser XV
Year 2021
Grape Cabernet Sauvignon
Content (Alc) 0.75 ltr (13.5%)
Drink window 2023 - 2026
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The Chateau Changyu Moser XV (张裕摩塞尔十五世酒庄) Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc de Noir is made by Lenz M. Moser - the head winemaker Chateau Changyu Moser XV who spends the entire harvest period in Ningxia. The wine is also bottled Mise en bouteille au château / Estate Bottled. This Blanc de Noir is definitely the very first white Cabernet Sauvignon from China. Its color, texture and flavor profile is completely new in the world.

This white Cabernet Sauvignon resembles a rosé with a very light salmon-colored cast, but is technically a white wine because the color comes from the juice and not the skin soaking as with a rosé. This stainless steel aged wine is wonderfully fresh and almost unique in its taste with a great acidity of 5.8 g / L . The wine has grip and freshness and despite the impression of a certain "sweetness" in the mouth, the wine is bone dry with less than 2g of residual sugar. The small berries give a lot of extraction (about 25% more than with European Cabernet Sauvignon grapes); due to the extremely dry climate, the skin-to-juice ratio produces more solids in the wine - hence a unique concentration of fruit flavours.

In the nose delicious aromas of grapefruit peel, lemon combined with aromas of exotic fruit. On the palate delicious, generous yet elegant and spicy on the palate. The profile of this unique wine lies between a typical unsoaked Chardonnay and a spicy Old World Sauvignon Blanc - introducing a completely new flavor profile. The wine can cellar for 7 years or more without a problem.

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There are currently about 900 wineries in China (compared to Australia: 2,000 - USA: 7,100 - France: 27,000 - Austria: 6,500 - Germany: 6,500). Nearly 800,000 hectares are planted with vines, making China the sixth largest wine-producing country by area, about 13 million hectoliters of wine are produced annually.

Ningxia is located about 1,330 kilometers west of Beijing. It is located in Central West China on the edge of the Gobi Desert and feeds on the Yellow River which originates in the clean and natural Tibetan Plateau. With the aridity of the land and longer than usual sunlight hours during the growing season (about 3,000 - compared to Bordeaux's average of 2,052 hours), the berries are allowed to fully ripen, developing a full fruit character. The grapes have ideal growing conditions in the Helan Mountains, at 1100 meters above sea level. The altitude and the desert with its hot daytime temperatures and cold nights helps the wines retain their freshness and this means that Chinese wines from this region are booming.

Vineyard for 2021 Chateau Changyu Moser XV Helan Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc de Noir
More Information
Type of Wine White
Country China
Region Ningxia
Winery Château Changyu Moser XV
Grape Cabernet Sauvignon
Biological certified No
Vegan No
Year 2021
Drinking as of 2023
Drinking till 2026
Alcohol % 13.5
Alcohol free/low No
Content 0.75 ltr
Oak aging No
Sparkling No
Dessert wine No
Closure Cork
James Suckling rating 95
Tasting Profiles Aromatic, Complex, Fruity, Powerful, Round, White fruit
Drink moments Cadeau!, Lekker luxe, Terras
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