2020 Ceraudo Nanà Val di Neto

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Type of Wine Red
Country Italy
Region Calabria
Winery Ceraudo
Vintage 2020
Grape Gaglioppo Magliocco
Content (Alc) 0.75 ltr (13.5%)
Drink window 2022 - 2028
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You don't see many wines from Calabria or Calabria because the wine mainly stays in Italy and the vineyards and wineries are generally very small, with sometimes only vineyards on the steep slope of a few football fields. Calabria has more than 2,500 years of wine history. The wines of Cirò and Bianco, in the east and south of the region respectively, were praised in ancient times and served to the winners of the Olympic Games. The wines of Savuto, on the west coast, have also been repeatedly praised in literature throughout history. The region is very interesting for wine growing because Calabria has mild winters with an average temperature of 10 °C; it rarely gets colder than 5°C. Especially on the coast it is hot and dry almost all year round. In the hills and mountainous parts it is significantly cooler and a fair amount of rain can also fall. The vineyards on the coast in particular have a good difference between day and night due to their proximity to the sea and certainly the northern area where Ceraudo is located has the advantage that there is always wind, where the sirocco (hot and dry air from the Sahara) and wind from the north alternate and this has one major advantage, fungi are hardly present and organic wine growing is therefore relatively easy.

Roberto Ceraudo, originally from Albania, owns about 60 hectares of land in the municipality of Strongoli Marina near Crotone, 20 of which are planted with all kinds of grape varieties. In collaboration with oenologist Fabrizio Ciuffoli, Ceraudo makes modern styled wines with an excellent reputation, including mantonica, pecorello, greco bianco and chardonnay, in addition to magliocco, gaglioppo, greco nero and some cabernet sauvignon. Roberto Cerauda is assisted by his children, of whom Giuseppe focuses on the production of the wines, Susy takes care of administration and sales and Caterina (although a qualified oenologist) takes care of the management of their Michelin-starred restaurant Dattilo .

Ceraudo's Nanà is a blend of GAGLIOPPO 80% & MAGLIOCCO 20%. Typical autochthonous grapes from Calbria. Sourced from the hills of Strongoli 60 m above sea level. Harvested by hand, fermentation without the use of selected yeasts. The wine has a ruby red color, with intense and persistent aroma. The wine has a great structure and is a red wine that beautifully expresses the south of Italy and the Calabria region. The grapes age for a long time at a low temperature and in only steel and amphora and are deliberately not aged in wood. Due to the long, slow ripening, the tannins melt and the Nanà becomes a fruit-driven, soft, fresh, elegant red wine. Supply is extremely limited and most of these wines remain in Italy and are enjoyed in Ceraudo's Michelin-starred Dattilo restaurant.

Vineyard for 2020 Ceraudo Nanà Val di Neto

The Ceraudo farm is located in the foothills of Italy, region of Calabria, near Strongoli Marina - known as "Petelia" in Roman times - close to the town of Crotone, home of Pythagoras. The amazingly well-located company comprises 20 hectares of vineyards, 37 hectares of olive groves, and 3 hectares devoted to citrus trees and vegetable gardens, a textbook example of biodiversity and sustainability. The Owner, Roberto Ceraudo, is a pioneer of organic farming in this region. He manages the domain together with his three children Susy, Giuseppe, and Caterina. The latter is also an excellent chef in the restaurant "Dattilo" awarded with one Michelin star, which, together with the accommodation, is located within the walls of the Azienda Agricola Ceraudo.

From an organoleptic point of view, the Ceraudo wines are all very elegant and are distinguished by their complexity, remarkable consistency, and aromatic persistence. The hills of the vineyards are close to the sea, the texture of the land and the specific microclimate ensure wines that are fresh and at the same time permeated with aromas.

The sun, fruit, and flowers are reflected in the character of these wines. They reflect the unique emotions of a journey through this part of Italy.
Ceraudo vinifies the following grape varieties: Gaglioppo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Greco nero, and Magliocco in red and rosé. Pecorella, Greco bianco, Mantonico and Chardonnay in white. There are 8 wines: Grisara, Dattilo, Petraro, Nanà, Imyr, Petelia, Grayasusi etichette argento, Grayasusi etichetta rame.
CERAUDO is organic, certified since 1990, with manual harvesting, natural fermentation without the use of selected yeasts or enzymes, with an annual production of up to 70,000 bottles.

Climatically, the region of Calabria is characterized by average annual temperatures of around 17°-25°C. The average annual rainfall is about 700 mm. The presence of sea has a positive effect on the thermal anomalies, all in favor of the aromatic gradual ripening of the grapes. The vineyard extends over 20 hectares, the yield of which varies between 3500 and 7000 kg per Ha, depending on the kind of wine. In total, the annual production is about 50 000 kg per year.
The cultivation techniques applied in the vineyard are constantly evolving. The chosen system is a Cordone Sporonato. The vineyard was built without excavating or remodeling the surfaces, following the ancient method of grafting in the field, which allows preserving the rich biodiversity through a careful selection of the best varieties. Soil management includes winter and spring grasses, sometimes composed of herbs specially selected for green manure followed by their processing, which is essential for aerating the soil and thus creating an ideal environment.

The production load per vine is always very low thanks to the use of low-yielding biotypes and thinning operations carried out at the beginning of ripening. Pruning is carried out only by hand. In the vineyards, in addition to the weather huts, there are rose gardens. Which helps to control the humidity and temperature. The manual harvest takes place in the early hours of the day for the red wines, at night for the whites and rosés. The grapes are selected directly on the plant. The harvested grapes are processed in the cellar, and the fermentation of the must takes place at a controlled temperature. No enzymes of any kind, oenological tannins, or selected yeasts are used: only native yeasts. In the cellar, all Ceraudo wines are allowed to mature in peace underground and with used oak barriques from the Allier forests.

More Information
Type of Wine Red
Country Italy
Region Calabria
Winery Ceraudo
Grape Gaglioppo, Magliocco
Biological certified No
Natural wine No
Vegan No
Vintage 2020
Drinking as of 2022
Drinking till 2028
Alcohol % 13.5
Alcohol free/low No
Content 0.75 ltr
Oak aging Yes
Sparkling No
Dessert wine No
Closure Cork
Tasting Profiles Earthy, Dark fruit, Dry, Powerful, Full
Drink moments Barbecue, Borrelen, Cadeau!, Met vrienden, Open haard, Voor alledag
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